Change WHO is in positions of decision making power

Change HOW business is done so it works for all people no matter where we come from or what our color

Change WHAT the rules are that shape leadership behavior


Old homogenous leadership too often lacks sufficient creativity and urgency

To be credible and effective, all leadership must accelerate work in achieving racial equity

New diverse leadership will continue to be highly constrained by old rules that are misaligned with equitable outcomes


We are inviting allies from across the better business movement to join us at the trailheads of one or more of these three interconnected pathways


When: March 10, 2022
11:00 a.m. -12:30 p.m. ET

Where: Zoom

Who: 1-3 senior leaders per company with accountability for Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion, HR/People, C-Suite & board management

Purpose: Exploring approaches and common challenges in advancing diversity in leadership, while supporting companies to drive meaningful change

Outcome: Companies will have access to expertise, resources and knowledge exchange

Cost: None. Just your time and engagement in the 90 minute session

RSVP: Register here and reach out to with any questions

Description: In this intimate, interactive and closed-door session, we will explore common challenges and best practices for companies looking or already working to diversify their leadership teams (with a focus on gender balance and racial/ethnic diversity). We will be joined by experts including Deepa Purushothaman, Co-Founder of nFormation and former partner at Deloitte, who will present their perspectives on the issues of target setting, data and transparency, and broader inclusion efforts with an eye to support companies in driving results. This 90 minute session will provide time for companies to connect with and learn from one another as well as the experts in the room.


When: March 31, 2022
10am – 1pm PT / 1pm – 4pm ET

Where: Zoom

Who: 1-3 senior leaders per company with accountability for aspects of racial equity (e.g. human resources, government relations, office of the CEO)

Purpose: Move beyond commitments to holistic and sustained action for corporate racial equity

Outcomes: Understanding of the peer-based cohort (process, time and resources) designed to support your company’s journey to operationalize racial equity at the company, community and societal level

Cost: None for initial workshop; cost and time commitment for ongoing cohort will be shared in detail prior to the session (no commitment required)

RSVP: Register here and reach out to mmartin@bcorporation.netwith any questions

Description: Join B Lab US & Canada and the Corporate Racial Equity Alliance for our workshop, Achieving Racial Equity. Hear from fellow business leaders and change agents about taking bold steps to address closing the racial wealth gap. Attendees will walk away with an understanding of a holistic approach to achieving racial equity on a company, community and societal level, and specific examples of how their company can begin to address the racial wealth gap. This event will be facilitated by Tynesia Boyea-Robinson, CEO and Founder of CapEQ and key partner to the Alliance where she has been working to operationalize the CEO Blueprint for Racial Equity with corporate leaders. 


B Lab has set up a series of meetings on March 24th and 25th so congressional offices can hear from sustainable businesses. This is a great opportunity to discuss your business and the role business must play in creating an equitable economy. Please fill out this form to indicate your interest.

Register for our Policy Collaboration Call on April 12. Join B Lab, B Corps, and other companies as we share and discuss policy updates and advocacy opportunities. These calls will be driven by the topics you care about—from stakeholder capitalism to conservation to voting rights—and build peer connections by allowing companies to drive the agenda. Email if you have a topic to add to the agenda. 

First Trailhead: March 3th, 2022

Who: This event is open to companies (1-3 leaders per company) interested in learning about becoming advocates for systemic change and shaping the critical policy decisions facing our society

Purpose: Develop into an effective business champion for public policies that will accelerate the transition to stakeholder capitalism

Outcomes: This event will give you the foundations you need to become a powerful policy advocate in the areas that matter most to your company, update you on emerging global policy work related to aligning management systems, incentives, and governance with positive stakeholder impact, help you link this advocacy to your communications strategy, and develop peer networks for knowledge sharing on common issues

: This workshop is focused on Aligning the Rules that govern business behavior and will provide the inspiration, tools and resources for business leaders to engage as advocates for systemic change and shape the critical policy decisions facing our society.

This workshop will be facilitated by B Lab US & Canada, Holly Ensign-Barstow, Director, Stakeholder Governance and Policy; Ceres BICEP; and Finsbury Glover Hering (FGH).